Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Project Pathos

I did not a thing for you
Not one,
that i am aware of,
or if i ever did a thing for you
i don't know if it had a bit of love
or my vested interest

I have deceived you
thats a truth,
I wonder you've ignored
and if you;ve not
i'll be more than glad
the day you choose
not to part
but to slice me into shreds
I wonder if that'd let go
of my deceits
or even relieve me
of my own contempt
to the person,
that was and the one today.

With love,
I can say
I never knew you
never understood a thing
Never cared too
but i was there,
at every step
trying to know me from myself
and it was through you.

P.S: Adolescence

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