Friday, May 23, 2008

Adieu to a loner

Today, I sit here. Waiting for a part to be sealed. Holding on the anxiety and the nervousness of bidding a part good bye. I do not know, if we meet again. May be some where long down the road, I shall meet my friend for one more time. Till then, as I see today, it would be late. Not that I have regrets for not keeping it with me. Not that I hate it, not that I have remorse for it. Nothing of that sort, rather it’s the strongest sense of silent unspoken understanding with it. A silent acceptance of a loner within. People might hate that, but I love it the most. More than any thing and any one in the world. It is something that has made me real, far beyond the relation of flesh and blood, something which makes me feel more human than the whole world.

I wish, it remained the longest night of my life. By the sea-side. With each wave a splash of memory rising and striking the walls. Walls that we make around ourselves. Walls that the world builds around itself. Each one for ones security, for a comforting familiarity, to be among the known and derive the pleasures from it. But I suppose its mostly to keep away ones fear of quarrelling with life alone.

With each memory, a splash of wave moving forward and a shining glance falling behind. Behind in time, over the stretch of wall, by the seaside.