Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mellow High !!

Reflect back. One can’t ever bid past good bye and come back to life with a bang. Not always. Rather never. Certain things come with nostalgia that’s such a wonderful mellow high. A pristing pure moment of bliss. I don’t know, I resist coming to terms with the present. And time and again, I am reminded, life’s beautiful. Cherish what you had and gaze into the distant horizon seeking the gentleness in future. For all the faces, all the back grounds that’s so firmly instilled in your memory, like the bitter sweet taste of vintage wine. Often in this fast paced life, people would party the whole night, trying to live each moment of present and then wake up with a terrible hangover forgetting every thing that was celebrated, just to be reminded once again bit by bit.

All good things come in three. Few amongst most people who always were and always are behind me. Keeping me rooted to the real world.

Age no bar, caste no bar, money no bar, color no bar, creed no bar, sex no bar:D. When nothing bound you but the the idea of ideal life and you even gave it all up, just to live life in a moment. But life lingered, with your silent sigh as a residue.

Monkeys or Langoors !!! :).

If just they were not in the frame, The landscape would have been so pleasing!

Thats every thing that he took away. That s everything that everyone takes away.
I could not help but to notice with mixed feelings and morbid confusion the T-shirt said- Punk.
Desperately avoiding the gloom to take over, all I can do is helplessly wish hes in peace.

View from home. Dark clouds looming over the green hills.

Rock star s and super stars..!. Young, beautiful and confused. Sing a song and prove me wrong. I hope at least one to stand and shriek out loud for every one to hear - dreams die hard!

There are infinite such moments which make up any life. And every time I have come across these reflections the feeling comes as though I am running out of life and I try to gather and rummage through everything, every second in the hope that these remain clipped in coming moments forever.

P.S: Except for two, the other snaps are courtesy Haria. And I hope the that a few people whom I've been pursuading to share my moments and the other snaps do that at the earliest.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Just Bizarre

Ladies and gentleman, right now I have decided. Decided about making a decision. A final-final decision. Sorting every inch, every shred of doubt about every thing however timid and trivial and tear through the deep narrow harrowing dark freaking valley of confusion and come victories with one single commandment dug on the stone and show the world and if they don't care, keep it always dangling on my ugly hairy chest. The last commandment which every sad pathetic soul should understand in the simplest comprehensible fashion. And this shall be thys religion or my religion or whatever. Tonight here under one roof and four walls with no fresh air, surrounded by my folks, relatives, friends, in the midst of my room with so much noise in the head, I have decided finally for the decision to be made tonight, and I am preparing myself for it. I shall sleep now in the evening ( I need to sleep man badly ! for any thing to be thought about ) and wake up again in the night, and venture out and think hard hard and harder..... and today I know after enough intellectual blood have moistened the ashes I shall snatch it from the clutches of misery and mystery. And I beg to the lord that, no distraction should come my way and tonight has to be tonight. The fucking night.

With full honesty, I shall confess to you my audience however small in number or may be only my vanity, I tried really hard to think or rather I really tried hard to think whatever fuck it be. Get the sense ok. Now before I loose it all, man, I want to finally say, I tried. After enough deliberation on thinking and no spark of idea, nothing sparking up, I got exhausted. There are these moments of sanity where-in one is so deeply rooted to the real world and no matter how hard he/she might think they just can’t achieve the escape velocity. I just wondered why in the gods names it was this moment tonight. And finally, I gave up and decided- nothing doing man, now whatever first occurs to you is your principle, foundation stone whatever it be, it's the-the most important thing of damned crazy life and of others and I shall be Moses. So just trust the instincts.

And I closed my eyes, trying to cut myself from every thing and every possible thinking and with all that madness repeatedly shouted at myself to think to cut off, impatiently begging something to fucking bloody pop up and then finally-finally uttered the magic word. I spoke to myself ”Try to be happy “. And in the middle of the haze, the smoke, the confusion of mind, for a second, I was like repeating myself without giving slightest reason to my big discovery and uttered joyously again and again “Try to be happy–Try to be freakingly happy and relax. And you shall find you are and life will be beautiful and world will be wonderful!” Yuppy ! Ureka. No matter fucking what ! You’ll stay happy. I felt great.

But suddenly like that thumping scaring knock on the door while in that so ever lasting life time orgasm, this stupid voice uttered from behind, “You mean, try to be happy. Tryyy-to-be-happy. That’s your big idea. That’s it. After all this thinking while cutting yourself from the thought process horse-shit, this is it!. This is what your mouth throws up .Try to be happy. What-a-fucking-loser man. All said and done, it suits you man. That's the basic truth for your unfunny life, not the great commandment, its more like accepting the bitter hidden truth of your life.”

For a moment I was at the pinnacle of madness and wanted nothing but to swing my head with great force and hit the rock in front of me again and again. I was dumbfounded back again to the dungeon and while I took a break figuring out an argument, I could gather nothing and said “ Hey listen happiness is very-very important, and exceptionally important concept, us and them beseech it all the time. To simplify it is so very essential you know at least for me and for every one else. Probably it is in this subdued concept that the truth of life is hidden.”

“Hey tell me, are you eluded by the great idea of happiness lying inside of you?. Forget it man. The reality is like this, you don’t have a ration card, voters Id card, Pan Card for that matter even lost your driving license. Your credit cards can’t help you to get any credit in the world, the bank bank balance figures are always like mystical mathematical constant Rs. e. “

Hey hold on …man

“Na na ..wait, over and above, destiny has been so unfair given your dashing looks and the metro-sexual persona and not one girl friend. Over that not one girl would dare too be a friend, given the gentleness with which you ogle at them.

Look man, take my advice, its for free. Get your lazy ass working out something. Slowly and steadily, happiness would follow. All that you don’t have is what all you need to be happy. Don’t look for happiness in a crazy creative outburst. It will only drive you crazy. Those, what I’ve listed out are the keys to solving the puzzle man. Those are the things that will keep you calm and composed. The first priorities in life.”

I really could not have helped myself but to argue. I know, arguments brings problem, but I can ‘t help and so I argued, “Hey listen buddy, first of all, I do believe happiness lies within inside like some sleeping beauty waiting for a ugly creative frog to kiss and wake it up. You can be happy all the time and at all the place. The trick brother, is the fact how you can keep yourself amused and excited. Believe me, any, decent, educated person who has got the credit cards, wife, girl-friend, bank balance comes across a phase, where he is lost, he bewildered by what next?, that too, if he s got the time to think about oneself. Or else he keeps spending all his life garnering hoards of cards cash and chicks. Even after all that the pathetic soul would have his own share of woes and worries. Imagine Gautam Buddha sitting underneath the tree, trying to meditate on god knows what…he looks so lost, was he unhappy?. No. He was happy in his world. He would keep himself amused in his deep thoughts, though I am not very sure what they were? I wish I knew. And moreover my dear friend trust me if you were chasing those listed priorities in your life, by the time you’ll look back, you’ll find your times has gone and the end has come and all you had was nothing but a dead residue which will hold no meaning what-so-ever. That’ll be your age and end.”

With his blank face, I knew I had failed to make a dent on his thought. He was toughened by the crude realities in the world. After a pause, he exhaled heavily, just like resigned tone of dad, “ So now you want to be Gautam Buddha ?”. “In this world, I mean In today’s world, you want to idle under the shade of a tree. Have you gone mad!. What’s wrong with you? From where I see, you really have to try hard to keep yourself happy ! “

“Its complicated for your immature brain. Why you getting so passionate about it man. Your advice is really not required. I am content, you seem to be pretending fulfillment! “

The voice told me , " Shut the fuck up man!. I don't need any pretension on this silly thought of yours. You try to be fucking happy o.k. I am all right. You are getting sick! ".

"Sick! What do you meaning sick man! Where are you taking this.... in any case..See you don't have courage to say you are happy ... just look how you lost your temper...”

The voice in a very polite and gentle tone said,” Ok, I am happy, alright?. Calm down. I just don’t agree with your idea of trying to be happy man. You know it very well it’s the constant philosophical musing that are keeping you disturbed, why don’t you stop reckoning them.”

I said, " Look man , what the harm thinking about beautiful varied things in life, whats wrong if you observe beautiful flowers and literally amuse your thoughts to touch all those brilliant colors. I mean is it really madness if you could almost communicate with a dried parched tree. If you could just stand in front of a tree watch its twisted branches and feel the warmth of nature and life and observe life’s cruelty carved out with so much grace. It’s a rush of different kind for people. They can lay still and find happiness in stillness. If that's not enough rush, just be a little naughty, look for a pretty little thing walking past by and pass on a sweet smile in appreciation to the mother nature’s gifts around, you know and be happy. If that’s what that suits you. And drop the “ try “ part, and be happy. ”

“Hey hold on ...that's no trying to be happy!. That’s just clear lewd act of watching the pretty little thing pass by covered under the bouquet of flowery words. Why you keep bringing the chicks into play man. Can’t your world be beautiful without the mention of tickling romance in your world.”

“Hey if bro, look, that was on the lighter side, why you always the nagging and cribbing at every thought and idea man. Its like, why not take life a little lightly? The reality is that life without all those wonderful sentiments of being human including romance is no-life man. There’s nothing wrong in any thing and you can be happy assimilating all those sights of playful kid kicking a foot-ball and the victorious smile on the innocent face after that swing, a foot-ball match with roaring friends over pitchers of beer. And you keep observing this fine lady walking briskly, glued to the phone, talking smilingly to probably her boy friend or some one and then she glances up at make eye-contact and she knows you’ve been appreciating her and she smiles and you smile and life smiles in return. What’s the damn harm!. I mean appreciate the beauty of web of life, in whatever form. I mean be real but also don’t miss out on the beauty of abstractness. I mean do I need to implore upon you to realize the existence of colorful mystery and the vibrant nature. Take a break, look around, away from the chaotic world. Look at it, its such a pretense, such a submission to the demands of society and yielding to the hypocrisy around you. Spread yourself on a seat and hold on to the soft hands of life, with cool breeze and dream. Dream man. You don’t have to be on Mt.Everest to feel the warmth of nature in the coldness around you.

And we started this thing with…tell me since when did you start having such conservative moralistic thoughts man. You know, every one flaunts. You ain’t some sane man! “

“ Hey hey hold on the reigns man, you are sounding so pathetic. Such a starved hungry animal. Its you who needs help. I mean what do you mean by that “ beauty of web of life “ . I mean whats wrong with you?. You need a desperate break. Stop and think about your work, parents, get a girl and settle down. Do something good man, think about the unfortunate poor destitute souls, think of means of poverty elevation, ways and means to dilute the income inequities etc…And if you are so longing go and cheat on your wife, you psycho, but then don’t go fucking blabbering about your adventures around the town and preach the lessons on the exotic cravings on the caves and greatness of the book depicting the masked weirdness of human psyche…!”

"You think that’ll help any thing in this world man. Will it change or make any difference to you man. Don’t you think those who have engrossed their life in pursuit of these goals, ask them, they keep cribbing about it all the time.”

"Look all you are thinking about is going back with some brilliant idea and punching the keys how sorry man, you are lonely just chill, go out and have a bear, you know have some fun, party for a while.”

“I’ve partied enough bro !. And I haven't punched the keys in a long time man, I‘ve wasted away a lot of it .Why can't you give one decent piece of advice .I am ok. Really ..”

"By the way, I don't think you wasted it instead it seems you are wasting it. And you look wasted too.”

"Listen man. I am great,I am tired. Ok. Really, stop it, I think I am wise and I am old, that’s why I am doing this exercise. I like exploring. You get me wrong, I am not trying hard to look for reasons in this world man. But my amusement lies in the mundane thoughts in a mundane world man. You won’t get it"

"You are no wise man, you are just passing your time and by no chance you ain't old man. Don't fool me around, now something exciting and raunchy on streets and your adrenaline will rush like thunder, one moment away from the sight of the people and you'll fly .I know you .you fox! ".

I could not help but smile, "Yeah, may be. Well, I never denied that youth is wonderful. In-fact after all this brain-storming, I think I am the one who’s emphasizing on the infallibility of youth, where as I should be contradicting it and now man since you’ve ruined every single thought of mine, tell me you happy now , does it end or it goes on like this the whole night man? !"

He smiled at me and said , “ Does it ever ? “

“I am getting irritated man so just shut the fuck up man for a while. ok. I can’t believe sometimes, mostly. I bank upon you, and even you fail to make me laugh from the heart.“

“But you are getting serious, for god knows what reasons. Fine, tell me What do you like?

“I used to like a lot many things. I wanted to do a lot many things. But some how i don't get interested in any thing any more. So honestly, I don’t have an iota of idea of what I like. I am totally disinterested. “

“Not even girl s eh? don't lie.”

Momentarily i guess. Its a nice idea. But it doesn't last. Moreover its too demanding and I don't want to relent to such demands any more. I don't see any purpose in that, its too boring and too time consuming. Though ...its an adventure..but its all fake too. Most of all I haven’t made up my mind on that issue. “

Why you like this man?

Look man I am happy as long as I am alone. Once in a while someone drops in and asks how r u ? and we share a few thoughts that’s more than enough man, but I am fine like the way I am.

You know why?

No. How, I wish if they could see the wavelengths and patterns beyond the visible spectrum. Its not all that bad. I know how much life is beautiful and how much beauty could be on the platter. But I don’t want to eat it. Its an irony, like someone said, success is sweetest to those who never succeed and like wise Life’s value is know to those who don’t have a life…Ha ha ha . Fuck!.

Don't bore me man ! Hey, just tell me before I leave, What do you like doing at nights ?.

What ?

I mean after I go what do you like doing at nights ?

Well these days, I like, well, I like reading short stories and little fables.

Common man, what fucking fables man ? You don't think about sitting smilingly under the gaze of a Jet air hostess ? That’s your age man. Don’t lie, think about it man, that stern commanding gaze on that wonderful face, with ever so soft and polite smile..haiiii …”

Well sometimes, but I am not thinking on those lines. However, let me admit, it sounds nice. There s no harm in basking in feminine warmth.

There you go….! , but I am really concerned about your mental health, reading fables a...

I am telling you man, if people could make their lives like so many beautiful fables and write it down, life would be so much wonderful radiance, vibrant, enriching, ful-filling and pure.

Yeah!. like your gut-wrenching story about loneliness. OH- ho..hey man ...make life like a beautiful fable ! ...don't you think that s a better commandment eh ?

Yeah, may be, ...but not simple enough..

Chuck it bro, tell me what do you want to do .....very desperately right now ?

I don’t know exactly …May be ...may be ...I want to write a short story and may be some day a book, or may be just not write a damn word and just read. Don’t know.!

He smirked at me and told me , .can you just tell me now ...what do you want in your life ? you want your life to be ? Now, fast quickly, quick, quick, quick.

I want to ...lets say ...... i want to write a beautiful fable or something like that’s.....make life a short simple warm fairy tale , a lovely story ..….a fable of sorts with all the emotions, insights, share experience, a suspense thriller, a pot-boiler sometimes.

He came with a characteristic broad smile of naughty brat, “ there you go man ....thats about it don't you think ...

We looked into each others eyes and smiled.

" Rascal ! "