Monday, April 10, 2006

So they ask - whats up ?

Dad: “Ankur, wake up ! . How much do you sleep ! . Get up .
Me: I slept late that’s why ?

Boss; “ You are twenty minutes late ! “
Me: Sir, actually my parents were discussing the prospects of my marriage.

Me: Hi , good morning , how are you ?
She: Morning…tell me why are you calling up so late ? You are late for every thing, why can’t for once you call on time for god sake.
Me: Oh …I am sorry, I was little busy.
She: Bla bla … Any ways, forget it, I love you, how are you by the way ?
Me: Hoof…, I love you to honey…I am fine….ok take care.
She: What ! You want to hang up !
Me: No actually..its just that.. I am little tied…
Click. Beep Beep.

Dad: Why do you come late from the office, every day. You have some sense of family responsibility ?
Me: Aaa….its just that coz, I began late, I finished late.
Dad: This routine will continue if you remain bachelor, I am telling you its high time….
Me: Comfortably Numb.

Life is a circus. Oh, I am sorry, I should not generalize- my life is a circus.Its like you swinging in the air, jump hold on another guy, than he realizes you and you go catch another female she holds you then she swings you and it goes on. And its only a matter of time before you have that mighty fall. And by the way, if you think your life is not a circus then I must admit- you are the finest joker I have come across.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Pistaul Jail Mein Aaa Chuka Hai...

As promised to the gentry who visit this site...I am glad to present...

:) as promised.

More to come..


P.S: A part of the photo blog deserves to an unsung hero, thanks to the model. And there are moments treasured close to the heart but not been published for certain reasons, but they shall follow.