Sunday, September 28, 2008

Into a night

She walks around the place,
Opening her heart and her hairs,
Cute little baby
I have seen grown
Into a raunchy girl
And a pretty stone.

Thanks for the night
Turning cold and quite
Into it when I went,
Speaking to the curls of smoke you vent
Oh dear if it could heal
The heart,
But a helpless clown
I go down.

As you stand over me
I can see into lifes eternity
So they go away,
Careless streams seeping into the hay

And I hope you won’t swing tonight
Closing the windows to the morning light
With the flicker of fire
Into the blue of your eyes,

I could swim,
Into the coldness
Of these lights going dim

For now its time,
When I can see
You before me
And I can feel all that’s into the dark
With no reason to see it all
For I have it racing into my heart

Into flowing flute,
I reason for voices going mute

Monday, September 01, 2008

The peacock it sung,

Over the borders of mud terrace

Droplets fell blooming and falling

Leaving the streams over tender face

Bees flew fluttering little feathers

Into the winds the buzzing little hearts hung

Droplets fell blooming and falling

trembling streaks over tender face

Chimes from the temple

So distant and faraway

Come whisking to this night like

Like dawn stretching out in her own little ways

Awaken to this light,

Some one sang to me, awaken into the night

For what you see,

awaken to tenderness, of the naked sight, she said

Awaken to the sizzling bubbles that lie before thee