Saturday, December 16, 2006

I like the word Fcuk.

"non sunt in coeli, quia fvccant vvivys of heli"

I mean don't take it literally, its just the feel of it, the connotation that comes along with, so to say. I guess, like me, most people do not intend to convey the literal meaning whenever this horrible slang is used. And on the side lines, lets give the due credit to the popularity of the defamed word like it. The many versions, meanings and literal expression s of this word are undeniably present in almost all societies, cultures and languages- and if its not there then surely that society is not bound to exists. Does it not mean that its an important blunt truth of human nature ?And still we turn a blind eye to the universality and omnipresence of this poor soul. On one hand I even feel that why these words are called " slang's ", I mean put them in the dictionary folks, have some logic, if you don't have that, have a heart guys, theres a limit to the " beeps" and mute s sound s in the movies, I can bear. I mean the hero comes howling across seven shores and grabs the neck of villain and say, " You twisted - tun . tun- you." . Or like in a romantic scene in a hollywood flick, " oh honey, my baby, I so want to -tun- you". And you feel like any second your brain will split wide open.Why can't people see the clear futility of censorship ?

There are many words in this category - Shit and likes. But I must say I like this word Fcuk. I mean, its- good. The feel of it. The versaility of it is suprisingly amazing. The simplicity in usage with proper pronouciation makes it so user friendly in all situations. When you are like pissed off on something , you can scream Fcukkk. Sometimes, just like that you are sitting idle, no one around, thinking about something , out of no where, you might use it - Fcuk You. Emphasising each seperately and distinctly - Fcuk and then slowly You. And like you hear a tragic sad shocking news and you gather all the little energy in your voice and utter a meek - Fcuk . That-is-it. You convey your deepest, sentiments, feeling of loss and despair very clearly.

And like sometimes, you are driving car at 100 miles per hour, recollecting some embarrassing moment in past, a bitter burning memory, a beautiful past degraded and soiled by todays values and you shriek out so loud exhaling every thing ...FCUKKKKKK. Its does not come from your heart or brain , it s like straight frm the bottom of your guts, and out of now where you bang the car right ahead. This aggressive guy jolts out of the car looks at the bonnet and then at you , starts mouthing of , boasting and blabbering and you listen and listen and listen to the pompous bastard and after a while you can feel the agony surging in the guts, mind getting heavy, loaded, fatigued and blank ..and you shriek - FCUK YOU MAN. AND SMACK HIS FILTHY FACE. Relived. Like bloody gallons of pressurised air purged out from a tiny orifice. Peace. Now you following me. Tell me no where do you use the word to convey with a literal meaning. Rarely, rarely do you mean what you say. I most things in life I think thats true. There is a miles of difference in preaching and practising. :). So stop the fcuk lessons. I guess we should stop fcuking fooling around and lets stop pretending what we are not.

Also , I have noticed, for most youngersters and wanna be rebels, the usage of this mighty word starts like a style statement. But you got to understand the veiled glory of it. Now you know, my opinon , respect and affection for this word, but still I cannot use it in it s original form while I write this blog. Whyyyy ??? Because some moron in power, some or some good-for-nothing freaking CEO or MP or some one would not approve of it in public space. And at worst would censor blog and file a case against me! Which, of course, I don't want to happen. Really. Its my blog- it is my expression, it is my voice, I want it heard. I want it heard out loud and clear. So FUCK IT ANY WAYS.

So my lord, here I would like to rest my case and would request the jury to leave this word to its fate and at people discretion. At best I would recommend not to use the word with adjectives and adverbs. And if you don't like it, I don't care, Fuck that too.

Just set things free from your hypocrisy and prejudice.

"they are not in heaven because they fuck the wives of Ely"

P.S : I have not mentioned the usage of word "literally" in private space as in my opinion private space should remain private. On the other hand, the apporopriate use of this word in the personal domain has heightened excitement levels or so I was told. The author would not bear the responcibilites of goof-up by usage of this word.

Sometimes you just don't have anything to fight for.