Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I set my imagination fly,
instructing left brain be free and high,
let the clouds burst wide open
And a feather float from the sky,
doesn't matter even if it takes a nose dive.

Swim for a moment in the stillness,
over this cold empty thin air.
Laugh and wish for those
who couldn't be here
fleeting colors in the crystal maze
like smiling moments in a heart ache.

let it sing through mist and hue,
for caressing cold breeze bathing you.
under silent starry night
float behind a longing stretched,
till the never ending deserted road
dance for a while in your fizzling tender mold

let it fly with your secrets,
a veiled beauty behind the fog.
to unknown prayer, before the flickering flame,
trying to rise above gravity,
for heart felt song.

Can you feel the pricking velveteen,
of the souls skin,
bordering the unconscious realms.
As the feather dips,
tracing beads over these strings
and smears itself into blue ink.

P.S Laying there in the bottle
into the soft stillness of the night
flying it drops
as lofty imagination sets to write.