Monday, March 13, 2006

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Clear glass of water

Isn’t it a wonder that often its just transparent, odourless, tasteless but pure water that tastes so wonderfully sweet, quenching all the thirst, assuaging all the desires, relaxing all the evils, clearing all the doubts and yet energizes you to move on. And no matter how well prepared and blended that brilliantly shining, luxuriously sweet sherbet is, no matter how ornately presented, it just, does not do that magic. All it reflects is shallowness, with no depth, and seems so miserably helpless to fill that hollowness within and incapable in satiating your lust. Imagine that clear water out of the spring, gushing over the stones and pebbles and crisply running in that river, even the sight of it soothes ones eyes and makes your heart fill with beauty. And you replace that with any other beverage (be it bloody scotch) it just doesn’t fit, nothing takes its place.

And some times it just so happens that all you want is water to quell your thirst, absolve yourself, all you crave for is solitude- some time for yourself and peace from this maddening crowd and all you are served is a cola drink. And staring right on that drink, then looking around watching all those blinded around you, you feel so shallow, in complete, fatigued, so bland.

But then you sip it anyways, walk away and walk down the street, under the sun, whistling your favorite song, losing yourself in the crowd. And walking under the scorching sun, sweating you realize, even the perspiration feels so good on you, so close to your heart and so much your own and you find peace in the crowd, your solitude and love. Then you imagine, imagine the clouds over you, the cool breeze blowing on face, look above, it comes splashing on your face, on your eyes, engulfing you in natures beauty, washing your tears, absolving your sins, melting you in nature, freeing your mind and liberating your soul.

All the time, you beseech your pure water.

P.S: Although early, I am now eager for the monsoons to arrive. Get clean and start afresh.