Saturday, April 07, 2007

Plucking the petals

A few of us are fortunate enough to witness to so many varied things in this world, including the most shaddy and miserable ones. Like, I have been witness to so many hard real facts about our this little world, that a normal person is so igonrant and meldramatic about it and he cannot possibly even fathom that its all part of the same beautiful little wonderful world of his. May be ones you would come across that other side , your perceptions too shall change. Your tolerance for others shall increase. May be then you shall realise how alone one can be in the crowd. Where your mind seeks everything and ends up having nothing and still keeps the search on with an everending and unrelenting quest. I go through that shit every morning. But there comes a time always.

It happened to little Johnny today. It is all such a routine, he wakes up, smokes his cigratte, stands in front of the mirror, looks straight into his hollow eyes, looks at his dirty teeth, scrubs it with his nails and carries on with his daily chores. And everything without giving a thought, not a thing. He does want to think and and now he cannot put a clear thought except for one little teeny thing all the time and all the way. And he almost went to the crest or nadir god know s what in the deapths or heights of emptiness. All the actions are so mechanical and so routine that hardly he gives a thought to it. Its a system on auto.

But something happened today. All of a sudden, it flashed to him. It flashed that he wanted today to be special. And he wanted it real bad. That is actually a bad moment. The moment the hope creeped in he was scared, but a feeling had risen and it shall not die down soon , he knew that. But somewhere apart from the hope he had this hunch in the gutss that indeed its now or never. He started betting that if it did not turn out to be today for one time, he shall be shattered. Because you got to understand some one who had not seeked , hoped and expected in years can't take a change so easily. He needs it badly and wants to yet stay away from it forever. And with hope inside bloody like helll it everything starts meaning to him. He wants to bring an end to the misery. To renew his faith. To kindle one light of hope. For one time, just for a moment, he wanted his wish to come to true. Nothing more, he is ready to go back to the dungeon but today it has to be there, something special, something to be able to smile from his heart.

And then Little Johnny walked in this scrabby store. From the corner of his eyes , in a fleeting second , something someone passed by . The very moment his mind fluttered, he thought of his morning, he thought of everything. And he knew it, he very fucking well knew it. This was it , this was it......this ...was ...divine....pure.