Friday, July 10, 2015

Project Pathos

On another night,
I sat again by my side.
Thought a little about a dream
Then of a small desire,
hidden distant from the sight.

And another night
I sat by your side
Thought a little about a smile
Then of a memory
Hidden distant behind a thousand miles.

I remember of this one too
When I needed you
I sat under the dark sky
Searching for the star
They say you’ve turned into
Hidden distant somewhere into the night.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Project Pathos

As I walk past you
in the morning;
Your perfume lingered
more than it had to;
The waves of your hairs
Just brushed one side
For a moment, I smiled,
Almost whispered a Hi
A fleeting moment passed by
In the morning;
Your smile, curve of your lips,
held me, more than it had to
The touch of your fingers
In the hindsight
For a moment, I sighed
Almost whispered a Hi

As I walk tired
Into a lonesome night;
Without a whiff of fragrance
No smile, not that I had to
A shadow, Walks past the side
Into the winds comes a memory
For a moment,
I sigh, manage a smile
Wishing sweet dreams, good night
See you tomorrow….and
I wish I could say …good bye.