Friday, July 17, 2009

Two men and a movie

Movie about a real life scenario.

A: That’s really some art.


A: Its an art to portray a life in such crafted manner. I say, nice movie, great talent.

B: Hmm. I see. Yup, great movie.

A: Don’t you think it’s a talent to make such a movie. Don’t you think, that it’s a skillful art.

B: I guess, that’s too much into it. It’s a nice plot, good acting, and innovative technicalities, refined nitty-gritty, formed into a nice movie.

A: Ok. What do all these people feel when the watch movie, some cry, some laugh, some even find inspiration, or dejection, some form opinions, dialogue on counter opinions. Isn’t it an art to stir a soul..if there is something within you, to stimulate ones senses.

B: yeah dude, that’s some talent. Brilliant skills. Ha!

A: Why is it that movies, music disturbs emotions or sensitizes a person. Isn’t that in a movie theater one discovers more human emotions than in reality ?. Is it that in isolation and darkness, one accepts the emotions which otherwise one is cautious about.

B: Whats up man?. Well, That’s the magic of movies and music.

A: You sound so cold, as though, you mean nothing changes in the world with such forms of creativity and dialogue, no inspiration to be taken from movies, no stories, no idols, no music…as though all that is a waste?

B: Its only magic dude, all this is a magic, it sounds like that , it feel s like magic, but those inspiration, desires and those heightened sensations ..that’s all temporary, fickle and impermanent ...a phase…and thee moral of the story: That’s all entertainment. And it too is an industry. So what’s food for thought for few, is bread-butter some and Of course, glamour, glitterati, and fame for others, some one like me. That’s the irony.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Whisper, into my ears
words of despair
tale of a parting lover
holding broken strands
stitching moments together
left for time to repair

my girl, its not a love song
he just told me, he doesn't care
my girl, its been long
long enough to feel you near

sing to me, touch my heart,
I don't remember, but a secret wish
to go cold, with a bleeding scar
they are for a reason,
he told me,
like lingering past,
Another sweet memory

my girl, just hold on
he told me, hes scared
my girl, he ain't coming along
letters on the floor now fly bare