Thursday, December 29, 2005

Amchi Mumbai

A few pics that were taken. This is where Mumbai begins. Will definetly show where it ends- Just like life.


Friday, December 23, 2005

Last but not the least

It looks straight at you. Just to be kissed.

P.S: I think I am 50% on this years Wish List ( which off course is deleted to be reviewed and I am little content.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

On google

Check this out. Search Ankur Chauhan on google. Look at the first link. I feel so content. Tara ram pam pam. After a long time a little motivation.

P.S: I am not too sure if I only got the surprize !!! Right now a little high in air.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Some little things are wonderful and one must learn to respect that. I remember when I was in school after a game of foot ball or cricket (during the P.T periods) we used to lie on the ground on our back in the sunny sky unfettered about the world the white shirt and embarrassing half grey pants. We relaxed and it was so wonderful. And some times away from the city lights in villages lying on the terrace, watching the stars, boasting about constellations, talking to my cousins. Basically just lazing around with a curious mind and no worries. For the whole universe in the front for me.

Its been long since I have laid my self on the open grass field. And how the preferences change, now, I will prefer night sky over a sunny day and would love it if no one is around even observing!.

But at times it all just happens. I laid myself in the cool breeze, sighing the deep breadth and disbanding myself, melting in the nature. Its like running from the world, rushing to the edge, you take a free fall from the terrace and suddenly find your wings and fly like a kite.

And life is worth. But as the Captain said, "Earn it".

And then the sun so ever harshly shines. Like ur nostrils fill with sands. The alarm bell rings and with that starts all the ticklings in the mind. As some one said, just like pieces of glasses in my head. The dream is gone , the child is gone. Review meetings, preparation for exhitibitions, tough day. The flight of fancy is over and the kite is tired needs to land now.

This is life. I do not know if its worth.


Friday, December 02, 2005

Sandeshe Ate hain ....

News has arrived from Amrica- My first digital camera has been brought-It’s a Sony DSC-H1 ( 5.1 MP , 12 x optical zoom ) . From here on will begin my trials on DSLR likes. I am very keen on getting my hands on my new gizmo.

Sweet taste of globalised world, isn't, Japanese product, bought in US and shipped to India. For me this is going to be first time of routing something from outside and I am liking it.

And soon to come a photo blog. ( Ding-ti-ding ! ).

Touché !

P.S : The payment for the cam is due ! Still the joy is overwhelming. It’s the first major investment I would be making after 3 freaking years ( Sounds little pathetic ?! ).