Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fragile dreams

The shinning eyes and
perked lips
The softness of voice
and your touch
A longing in the eyes,
for the tears,
A Clown bows
to welcome his fears.

Night, it lit,
with winking stars
Trying to soothe,
the bleeding scar
In search of flight,
it was a speedy drive.
Over the barren lands,
travels an stifled cry.

Your figure seated beside,
In the grief of the night,
I saw shadows hide.
The color of polish over the nails
Diamond pendants, golden chains
Quivering lips
And lisping sighs.

Children stuck in silly play
Lonely eyes and rapture of beauty
Echoing laughter
over wind swept hay.

I try to forget and
I try to remember,
Innocent smiles
and warm whispers.
A choked heart
With fear and joy
Murmurs a litany.
Silent prayer
to somewhere, some unknown.
For forgone dreams
and lit up sweet home.

Flowers of ablution
Over joy
and sweet pain
Few for the fragile dreams
broken in the rains.