Friday, September 14, 2007

Whisk in wee morning hours

Its been a long time. Long time since I had risen up at the early hours of morning. But before we talk about the dawn, there has to be a story about the night and night before that. When it was all pitch black for last two nights, I was doing "what I had to do that time, to get by". By yesterday night sleep was bickering and begging on my eye lids to gently rest on to each other. So finally yesterday night, I had my dinner, went to room, read a book and fell fast asleep in time and slept just enough long. Wonderfully like the good old time- with no taxing thoughts in head and no clog on chest. Awesome. That’s in brief.

So I wake up early this morning. Surprisingly refreshed I look at the my phone and scroll through missed calls. The last one was just half an hour back and I know the story about another story at night in another life. So I call back upon the last number in the queue, to get the morning update. As a rule I’ve been always calling up on people last in the queue. And the discussions jumps on to finding the best plans that each could do in his last hours of his day and early hours of mine. My plans being to experiment with the morning hour with morning walk, come back and scribble my plebian thoughts in cool retreat, while listening to the softest of the softest numbers and try if I could make something about an early affair with dawn. That was because I guess its been quite some time when I have casually taken morn walk or more appropriately stroll. I do not have much ardor for action at this hour. For that matter, I believe people in cities have relinquished the idea of sauntering in life. People these days don’t take brisk stroll. Rather I find most of youth walk with shoes on and marching in some sort of a parade, trying to cut some flab and actually ending up cutting the flab in head which could appreciate nature, solitude and beautiful females. For unknown reasons, I find it funny, but I guess these people feel good about things their way and they have their own choices. Or may be youth is supposed to be marching and not slumber around. That doesn’t mean that I am not youthful, its just that-not today, and I have no clue which day, I will have my liking for action. Also, I have a ready lame excuse- I have been doing quite a lot of traveling, living on a high, a wee bit hectic life filled to the brim with raunchy thoughts, bla bla bla which all drains a lot energy out of oneself. And I guess a morning like today’s for me is not about morning walks and strolls. Its just about appreciating a little welcome change in my routine, coz, in my conscious sense today, I am thinking about keenly observing my day pass by. And I have this idea, that may be every one should randomly choose a day in their life and observe how it goes by. That would be the greatest database of lives better than digging gene pool. And I suppose most of matter on the time scale would not be a pleasant graph.

All said and done, I finally have made my mind, and slowly my days plan work out and I am lost in my day dream. And if I could live it exactly as I want it to be – trust me – its so spicy ( that’s my youth talking ) that I would be the happiest person in this world. I do not know for others, but if I have to take a wild guess, many individual plans don’t work out mostly for a large majority and that’s why we are tired or dejected, unsuccessful and worn out unless we are going to party, meeting the rascal friends, a social outing, a long drive to friends place, meet your girl friends for evening drinks, coffee or best at her place alone. Smoke on the sea side with an old buddy, dinner at V.T, drinks at Sports Bar, and beds are left to your choice rather mutual choices, if you are lucky to find someone with mutual thoughts. I guess that’s all about my fun plans revolve around and if I am not wrong for the world too. That’s usual. The funny thing in my day dreaming is that I cast away the plans the middle part of the day, coz its not all that pleasing to think about it- wouldn’t the masses love to do that? but alas I have found majority pretends how much in deep love they are with their work.

To share a secret with you people, I must say, for flicker of second my mind even thought of venture through the life of Kevin Spacey as in American Beauty. At least to start the day his way,reaching the highest point of life in the day and then taking downward train . But I had no alcohol yesterday night. And seriously speaking, I have no clue if I should have shared this naughty thought in this space, but, after a second thought, I saw the bold letters in front of my eyes and heard sermons on freedom of expression, honesty and truth.

As for one let me confess, I have been awake for last one and half hour and I had sincerely contemplated about my morning “stroll” and come back and share a thought or two bout all the beautiful fields of sun-flowers, ladies picking up on roses, jasmines, how beautiful it is in the fresh air, about how butterflies flew watching all those cherubic angel-faces, about how much oxygen fed my lungs were, how lascivious my thoughts went, about how much I would feel to retain this little transmutation in routine decorum at least for the few coming days till I get tired of the early mornings. Because all said and done I seriously know it is very benign outside with a gentle fervor for life. And the fact is any one can guess that while standing in the balcony brushing teeth’s for complete five minutes, squat while reading the newspaper, take a long-long shower and setting every thing to rock and roll.

Curiously I think my plans are already tumbling, more over, I have an overwhelming reason to move out. I desperately need a smoke. So here I go. I guess certain sun-flowers are rotten. J. But I have no complains, I guess, the start is significant. And I think ramblers should ramble .

What happened was, I spoke to this guy, who suggest to get on to something, did lil tweaking and searching here and there, and finally plugged on the ear phones. It’s the soft sincerely Leonard Cohen number-
In my secret life. So the plans reshuffled.

P.S: It all went hay wire. The stroll lasted till finished my smoke and after that dusting the car, before a lasting mouth-wash, a long shower and a nice little read of Rajdeep Sardesai’s editorial in HT. I have always liked the early team of NDTV. The blatant acceptance of facts.