Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Project Pathos- 7

For I know, you’ve found me,
And I know,  your reason here
the wretchedness of grief finds me.
to me you come to bury your coldness
the apathy of wailing silence
to find joy from
death of your sorrows.

Will you be able to carry my weight?
The weight of my darkness
Would you have the courage
To dive into me, without a thought
Without a desire
Knowing well what is in store
Is empty obscurity
Of humanness and the divine
Living or the dead

But I will know, how to keep you alive
By demanding
And I shall demand, of every thing
That you have within
To keep you alive,
To keep you dead travelling
To beyond
Without hope, without desire

And I’ll speak to you,
And I shall sense you
Hear thoughts by your smell
Let me tell you again
I hate the smell of fear
Fear of the unknown
And the wise man will
Tell you the escape from me
Is from within your fear
And wonder you shall about the unknown
That is me and
You shall be free
And liberated from me
For I detest the faltering steps
This tunnel shall seize
And you’ll have the blinding light,
Light all around
And I this your very darkness
Shall part you, forever.

And remember I had nothing to offer you.

But I was the other side.

P.S: Darkness