Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Rhythm of Similes and Metaphors

On thinking while about art and creativity, some how, I have this feeling today, that writing is more tougher art to master that the other forms for painting and music. Though, I just love the trio together-the three instruments, music, words and colors. And I guess, I am with the trio, while I share my thoughts. Why I make that claim is, for the simple reason that the writer does not have the other mediums apart from only black inked words, to stimulate the sensitivities. Essentially, say to describe a setting, there are no colors that can be filled, no back ground music, to provide the metaphysical high. Even visually the image of the setting has to be filled with only words to fill the void that lies in the ordinary image of this world. There is no quietness that can be provided to express the music in silence that perhaps occupies every heart beat. There is not a smile of child in front to provide the joy of innocent ignorance and perhaps the laughter to every heart in the world. There are no billowing cold winds to be felt on a silent morning. And often the oft described image of snow capped mountain peaks reflecting the moon beam is buried too deep in the human imagination to be brought forth, in one instant, in a silent moment of reflection. And it is not easy to bring forth the craving for a tear in an otherwise quite day, and equally difficult to imbibe the pain of holding it back at its rightful point. 

But there is a simple practice that one can perfect and still get away being the writer who, is perhaps born indifferent to the deceit of this world. Well, to have the connection one that strums the heart or burns it in flames of passion there is always a -setting, in may be black and white, or with all the playful colors of life in the flora and fauna. And there is an analogy; flora and fauna- just like two lovers riding through the valleys, swimming across the blueness of oceans. With their wings free spreading like open arms with a longing stretched over ages- to have the void filled with the beauty of his starry universe. Say, the setting-it could be the very basic like a heart-beat. One, which forever, is to be preserved and yet is simply forgotten into obscurity; for, everything could rest, come to a still, but to living, to keep going, every life has to have a rhythm of its pulse, for each moment that defines the very time of its presence. And there could be an analogy comprising one that of the last stream of that scarlet of blood, freeing and liberating from the last heart beat. The analogy is not the setting of blood running down, but that of a life parting itself from the only thing that held it tight. 

And a string of words just need to swim deep into your choice of setting and across an analogy of a simile and a metaphor to describe the hidden irony of life. And maybe then words might help hear some music or even hear the rhythm of heart-beats float like music through deep recesses of silence. 

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